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Why isn’t advertising working? The classics of the genre-works for others, but you have something wrong. Who is to blame and what to do?

Every advertiser, even the most successful and advanced, is not immune from mistakes. And out of the blue, with a great desire to do better and get more. Significant budgets are only available to select major advertisers. The time when you could place a single ad and get customers is long gone. Every ruble invested in advertising should bring a return. Let’s figure out where budget losses and lost profits lie in wait.

1. Ignorance or insufficient knowledge of target audience

Now professional readers-marketers will be indignant – how can it be, it’s obvious, this is a must-know! The statistics are disappointing – 95% of businesses cannot formulate a description of their target audience. At best, they will name socio-demographic characteristics.

This ignorance is costly – advertising channels can only be tuned with a deep understanding of the target audience. It is this reason that underlies all further failures of advertising communications – from building an advertising message to choosing advertising channels and the intensity of communications. The development of technology allows us to determine the behavioral models of customers and build advertising touches so that a potential customer comes and buys, and ideally comes again and recommends. It is important to know your target audience and segment it correctly.

With the current trend of personalization, the better you know your client, the better quality, almost personal communication you can build. Customers appreciate this very much. The arsenal of a successful advertiser should include descriptions of all segments of the target audience, with hobbies, habits, methods of obtaining information and making a purchase decision. Even if you know your target audience well, do your research constantly.

Consumer behavior and preferences are changing rapidly, and competitors are on the alert. Be one step ahead. Conduct surveys, organize feedback channels, ask what you can do better.

2. Blurred positioning and lack of USP

Blurred positioning is a common situation for a large number of businesses. And this is a direct consequence of ignorance of the target audience. Blurred positioning makes advertising communication very difficult, both in creating messages and in choosing the right channels. How many people talk about USP, so many times they try to formulate it incorrectly.

There are two important principles here, again based on a deep knowledge of your target audience. USP is not about your company / brand / product, it is about your target audience, its tasks and needs.

The main proof that you have a USP is your intended target audience reaction.

3. Wrong choice of advertising channels

creative advertisingThe flow of information that your potential client receives every day is enormous. And it doubles annually. In the midst of this noise, your ad should be visible. Consumers choose certain channels of receiving information, but do not react to others.

That is why it is so necessary to understand the consumer’s habits, the way in which he receives information and how he processes it. The set of channels for different consumer groups will differ. For some audiences and products, contextual advertising is perfect, while for others, you will need to add a banner one, place in magazines and add outdoor advertising.

Someone will suit as an advertising platform for a social network, but for others they will be contraindicated. Large advertisers can afford television advertisements on federal channels. In conditions of a limited, and sometimes minimal budget, channels must be carefully selected. Your task is to build such a mix of communication channels so that every time a consumer meets with your message, it propels him to the action you need.

media mixIn addition, you need to calculate a number of metrics to determine the most cost-effective channels.

4. Lack of communication

Indeed, there may not be enough communications. If before 13 touches were enough, now all 20 are needed. Perhaps the first contact will lead your client to you, but only if he was purposefully looking for exactly what you have at that moment. Such miracles do not happen often.

If you are selling a complex product or service, then you have to prove that you are the best choice. As a rule, lack of communication is justified by a lack of budget. But the question here is what channels do you use and whether you chose them correctly. You can always create a mix when the budget is enough and the overall efficiency is sufficient.

A media plan helps you plan your advertising activities so that all your channels complement each other. Don’t neglect master media planning so you can see the big picture. The solution to this problem still depends on how well you know your target audience and how well you put together your advertising message.

5. All at once

This mistake is often common for budding advertisers or those with budget issues. An attempt to cram a lot of information into an advertisement leads to sad effects – unreadable font, unnecessary blocks. In contextual advertising, such ads are easy to recognize by abbreviations, the meaning of which becomes incomprehensible.

There are a lot of examples of such advertising in print media, some of them add to the collection of “masterpieces”. Another mistake is when several promotions are held simultaneously, and they are trying to convey this to the target audience. As a result, the potential client does not understand what is more profitable for him and refuses the offer altogether.

Better to keep your budget low and bring in a professional ad copywriter who can properly package all your wishes. And also correctly plan your promotions and special offers, taking into account the segments of your target audience.

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