Why Is It So Important to Learn Something New?

background knowledge

Many professions require a lot of effort, especially intellectual and skills development. For example, in order to get a government job, you need to update your skills regularly. Your job will require applicants to complete a Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities questionnaire. KSAs for federal jobs collect information from applicants about their experiences that are directly […]

Marketing Management System and Broken Window Theory

broken window theory

The theory of broken windows is a criminological theory that considers minor offenses not only as an indicator of the criminogenic situation, but also as an active factor affecting the crime rate in general. Formulated in 1982 by American sociologists James Wilson and George Kelling. The name comes from a typical example of the theory, […]


internet ads

Why isn’t advertising working? The classics of the genre-works for others, but you have something wrong. Who is to blame and what to do? Every advertiser, even the most successful and advanced, is not immune from mistakes. And out of the blue, with a great desire to do better and get more. Significant budgets are […]