Why Is It So Important to Learn Something New?

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Many professions require a lot of effort, especially intellectual and skills development. For example, in order to get a government job, you need to update your skills regularly. Your job will require applicants to complete a Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities questionnaire. KSAs for federal jobs collect information from applicants about their experiences that are directly related to the job. Knowing how to write KSA for federal jobs will greatly improve your chances of being asked to a job interview. Some ksa examples will supplement your resume.


Barack Obama read for an hour a day.

The best investor in history, Warren Buffett, spent 80% of his time reading and thinking.

One of the richest people in the world, Bill Gates, reads one book a week. And every year he took two weeks off to read books.

After all, training is the best investment of our time. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Investing in knowledge brings the best returns.”

This is the foundation for success in today’s knowledge economy. Fortunately, knowledge is not difficult to gain. Just tune in to continuous learning.

Knowledge Is Money

The time is coming, which the famous futurist Peter Diamandis calls “instant demonetization”. Technology is turning previously expensive products and services into cheap or free ones.

Demonetisation will accelerate. Unmanned vehicle rental services will make one of the most expensive purchases unnecessary – a car. Virtual reality will make expensive entertainment such as concerts or golf available. It’s too early to equate virtual reality with physical reality, but VR is evolving very quickly.

Now the cost of education and health services is rising, but innovation in these areas will also gradually lead to demonetization. Unlike traditional universities with bloated administrative staff, campus construction and other costs, new educational projects reduce the cost of education. Many go online entirely and focus on teaching applied skills that quickly return on investment in education. Or they partner with companies that sponsor students and hire graduates.

New technologies, the development of diagnostics of diseases using artificial intelligence and the reduction in the cost of DNA analysis will revolutionize the healthcare system, significantly reduce the cost of medical services and shift the focus from disease treatment to prevention. While goods and services are rapidly depreciating, the value of knowledge grows.

In the twentieth century, there was a devaluation of the material. In technology, economics and politics, the value of physical resources is decreasing. The power of the mind is universally victorious over the brute power of things.

Most in-demand skills in 2021:

  • the ability to comprehensively solve problems;
  • critical thinking;
  • creativity;
  • personnel Management;
  • the ability to interact with people;
  • customer focus;
  • the ability to negotiate;
  • cognitive flexibility.

People pumping certain skills are necessary for the professions of the future. And those who pursue a career, but do not devote time to training, risk giving way to artificial intelligence.

Knowledge is gradually becoming an independent, important and unique currency. In other words, knowledge is new money. Like money, it often serves as a medium of exchange and accumulation.

However, unlike money, when you share knowledge or sell it, you do not lose anything. On the contrary, the more knowledge you give, the more you get.

When you share knowledge, you should:

  • memorize new things better;
  • have a deeper understanding of the information;
  • connect new knowledge with the existing one;
  • become an expert.

Knowledge is interesting to acquire. They improve brain function, expand vocabulary and train your negotiation skills. They help you think big and go beyond the usual.

Knowledge helps us achieve our goals and connects us with people who can change our lives for the better. And they also allow you to live many lives, because we master someone else’s experience and absorb someone else’s wisdom.

Most in-demand skills in 2021:Most in-demand skills in 2021:

  1. Reading develops imagination and makes us more open to new things.
  2. Reading is good for memory, increases concentration, develops writing and speaking, improves cognitive processes.
  3. By reading, we are preparing for action (first of all, this concerns non-fiction).
  4. Through books we learn from other people’s experiences.
  5. While reading, we are temporarily distracted from everyday affairs and can return to them with renewed vigor, see problems from a different angle and find the optimal solution.

6 essential skills for effective learning

#1. Discover valuable knowledge in time

The value of knowledge is not static. It changes depending on what skills are important at the moment and how rare they are.

Due to the emergence of new technologies, there is a shortage of personnel with the necessary skills. Employers are ready to pay well for the work of qualified specialists, so many are ready to quickly learn a profession.

#2. Learn fast

Opportunities slip away quickly. If you find a promising direction, you need to learn quickly.

After reading thousands of books, I’ve found that understanding and using mental models is one of the most versatile skills anyone should learn.

This skill provides a solid foundation for knowledge that is applied in all walks of life. By changing the industry, you will not start from scratch and learn faster.

Mental models are experiential strategies, ways of thinking, and ideas that shape our actions and worldview. In other words, this is our way of perceiving the world.

#3. Communicate the value of your skills to others

People with the same skills may receive different salaries. It depends on how well they are at communicating and persuading others.

The ability to convince others of the value of your own skills is an art. Many people spend years perfecting their technical skills, but they don’t care at all how to market them properly.

#4. Convert knowledge into money and results

There are many ways to turn knowledge into value.

For example, getting a well-paid job, getting a promotion, building a successful business, building your own brand.

#5. Learn to Invest in Learning with Maximum Return

Education costs money (books, online courses, certified programs).

To view training as an investment, it is necessary to operate with such financial concepts as profitability, risk management, minimum acceptable rate of return, hedging and diversification.

#6. Learn to learn

This will increase the value of every hour spent on education, and further accelerate further learning.

Compare someone who reads one book a week to someone who reads it 10 days. The annual difference is 30%, or 85 books.

To distract from the obsession with money and focus on the search for knowledge, you need to give up the idea that a person studies from 5 to 22 years old. To be successful in the modern world, you need to constantly learn new things.

To live well in the industrial era, it was enough to work hard. Now, in the knowledge economy, continuing education has become the equivalent value.

To maintain physical health, we are recommended daily doses of vitamins, a certain number of steps and exercise. But there are also recommended doses of training that will support our financial well-being.

The consequences of intellectual inactivity are as insidious as those of lack of exercise, poor diet, or sleep.

How to form a learning habit?

The most successful people in the world find at least an hour a day to study. You will find it too.

There are three conditions for unconditional success:

  • take time to read and study, even if you are busy and overwhelmed;
  • purposefully use this time for study, do not procrastinate and do not be distracted;
  • increase the effectiveness of each hour of learning by using proven techniques and applied techniques to help you remember and apply what you learn.

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